Master Chef? More like master sucks…

J and I caught the premiere of Master Chef last night.  You know, I was excited to watch something approximating Top Chef that wasn’t on cable.  We don’t have cable because we are cheap asses.  But we actually don’t miss it all that much because we do a lot of television viewing via our computer which we hook up to our television.  It’s really the best of both worlds.

Back to Master Chef and how much it sucked.  I like cooking shows, whether it’s Top Chef or something on the Food Network (Sandra Lee and Paula Deen being the exceptions) because I like watching people actually cook.  The food makes me hungry and I salivate in front of the television.  However, Master Chef was really short on any actual cooking. Instead, I had to watch a grown man cry because he wanted to cook so badly (huh?).  One of the judges, the one who I think is the Tom Colicchio wannabe, looked like he was about to burst out laughing a bunch of times.  The production looked kind of cheap and it also looked like they were using the set of Chopped.  I don’t really find it interesting to watch judges eat.  And really, Gordon Ramsey is such a DRAMA QUEEN.  Was the food THAT bad that he needed to physically eject from his mouth?

We were disappointed but I’d love to hear what anyone else thought of it…

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