Food Flinging

So we’re trying to teach Future Foodie NOT to throw food on the floor and to pick up after herself.  And the other night she was sitting on my lap eating cauliflower.  She decided she didn’t want to eat anymore so she tossed them onto the floor. I picked her up and placed her on the floor and told her that “we don’t throw food in the house and you need to pick up your food.”

Immediately, the tantrum starts. Loud wailing, tears, throwing herself onto my lap, yelling “Mama, Mama”.  I mean, the drama of it all.   I tell her, amidst all the noise, that she wouldn’t be picked up until she picked up the food she threw on the floor.  So she walks over to the cauliflower, crouches down right next to the food, and then, from the sheer horribleness of having to pick up the food, starts sobbing again.  I mean, it was like I was making her pick up poisonous snakes.  FINALLY, she picks up each piece of cauliflower, crying the whole time.

That is my dear little drama queen.  But hey on the bright side, she was eating cauliflower!

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4 thoughts on “Food Flinging

  1. Dakin says:

    Very good parenting… congratulations. A good local pizza can be had at DeFazio’s in Troy. I agree with you about pizza around here– leaves a lot to be desired.

  2. Daniel B. says:

    The baby actually made *me* throw a glass of red wine across the kitchen. She tugged on the tablecloth, causing the bottle of wine to wobble. Somehow I didn’t notice the glass of red wine in my hand as I lunged to right the falling bottle.

    The bottle was saved, but the contents of my glass went on the tablecloth, chair, bookshelf, rug and wall.

    That was not fun to clean up.

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