The Denver Experience

So this is not food related but I really have to share this experience I had yesterday.  I was in a car driving with an Enterprise rental car dude and we were going to Enterprise so I could pick up a rental car.  We were stopped at a red light and our car was right next to the curb.  We both noticed a man crossing the street stop suddenly so we turned our heads to the right to see why he stopped so abruptly.

There was a huge horse galloping at full speed down the sidewalk!  It was one of those carriage horses and it seemed it had broken free and it was scared out of its mind.  Both the rental car guy and I stopped breathing, literally, as it seemed the horse was headed straight into the car.  I was literally thinking, this is bad, this is so bad, and I’m going to die in Denver.  But the horse turned down the sidewalk and kept galloping away.  A guy on a moped was following it.  I really hope that the horse and any people were not harmed.

It was terrifying, amazing, and completely surreal..

And the rental car dude, after about 30 seconds, said…”Welcome to Denver!”

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