Awful Arby’s

Don’t be grossed out but we got Arby’s on Sunday during a momentary lapse in reason.  We were on our way home from LI and had foolishly stopped at Woodbury Outlets thinking that it would be a nice break in the drive.  BAD MOVE.  The place was PACKED to the gills with tourists lugging huge rolling suitcases filled to capacity with shopping bags.  Everywhere we looked, there was either a crush of cars or people, it was kind of draining and overwhelming.  But the good news is that J got a pair of Kenneth Cole loafers and Timberland snow boots for under $100!

Anyway, we were starving on our way out of the outlets and I saw an Arby’s and thought, hey that might be good.  I was dead wrong.  We got two roast beef with cheese sandwiches.  As you can see from the picture above, I’m not sure any portion of those sandwiches were actually grown from anything found in nature.  The cheese was a step below cheese whiz and the meat, UGH, the meat.  It had like this weird brown gray color and these weird holes in it.  I took one bite and immediately regretted it.  Gah, it was gross.  J being J, ate his whole sandwich. I ate my chicken tenders that I also ordered, which actually were good and at least made up for that sorry excuse Arby’s calls a sandwich.


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