J and I headed over to Morrette’s today for lunch.  We both had the day off and thought it would be nice to have a nice romantic date at Morrette’s Steak (I’m being completely facetious because while I enjoy eating there, the entire restaurant seems to be covered in grease).  We hadn’t been there in a while and I had a hankering for one of their steak sandwiches as I didn’t get my proper fill in Philly last week.

We both ordered steak sandwiches with American cheese, onions,  jalapenos, and a side of hot sauce.  We also ordered a large fries as our “vegetable” for the meal.  The waitress was really nice and efficient and our food came out in no time.  They are very generous with the portions, and the sandwiches were literally overflowing with the chopped up steak.  We poured on the hot sauce and chowed down.  Overall, the sandwiches are good, just not amazing.  I think the meat could be more flavorful and there really wasn’t enough melted cheese.  We still enjoyed eating the sandwiches though and definitely cleared our plates.  The fries are handcut and crispy but again, to me, were lacking in flavor.

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One thought on “Morrette’s

  1. ugh ! for the life of me, I will never understand how Morrette’s stays in business. Bland Bland Bland ! It’s so easy to make your OWN steak sandwiches – I buy sandwich steak from Gabriel’s market – generously oil a sheet pan, slice thru the meat as packaged to create strips, roll it in the oil, sprinkle GENEROUSLY with Beef Gravy powder (there’s where the flavor comes in, both saltiness and more BEEFY taste !), roast @375 for 5- 10 minutes – take it out while some of the meat is still rare. Then it is ready to use with toppings of your desire – carmelized onions, marinara, peppers, cheese……….. on the roll of your choice.
    Conversely, go to LaGioia Deli at Van Vranken and Gerling on TUESDAYS and you will get a mouthwatering steak sandwich for just $5.25, big enough to share (12″ or so, feels like it weighs more than a pound !) with onions, peppers, marinara, additional for cheese.
    MANGIA !

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