Monthly Archives: February 2012

Famous Lunch

I have no idea why it took us so long to finally get out butts over to Famous Lunch in Troy.  I regret my procrastination because I loved it.  I loved how old school and kind of divey it was.  I loved all of the regulars chatting away, enjoying their surroundings and each other.

Most of all, I loved the zippy burgers.  Yes, yes I know, Famous Lunch is famous for their meat sauce and their little hotdogs.  Well, I’m going to say, while I enjoyed the little hotdogs and definitely dig the meat sauce, their zippy burgers just totally reeled me in.  I loved the size – which is small and manageable. It’s a thin pattie with really soft bread, a nice melty layer of cheese, some sautéed/fried onions, mustard, a generous dollop of their delicious meat sauce, add some ketchup and you have a freaking delicious burger that gets devoured way too quickly.  I had two of them I loved them so much.

And the fries – I LOVED the fries! They were home-made, hot and there was a nice mix of crispy ones and meaty ones.  I was a happy clam.  Not only do you get some awesome food, but the prices are insanely low. So go there now, don’t waste any more time and check out this Troy landmark.  Remember – cash only!