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The First of Many

Today I attempted to make Bubble Tea from scratch.  I had my first upstate NY bubble tea yesterday and was not impressed, so I figured if I want some good bubble tea, then I damn well better do it myself.  Bubble tea by the way, is an Asian drink, prepared many different ways but always with large clear tapioca balls at the bottom that you slurp up through a wide straw.  Sounds weird and it looks weird but it’s so refreshing and I love having texture in a drink!  It’s not everyone’s cup of tea (HA! I hate puns!) but I have to say Asians seem to particularly love it and in this instance, I don’t deviate from my culture’s peculiar concoction.

My favorite type of bubble tea is with jasmine green tea, a small amount of simple syrup, and LOTS of tapioca balls.  Really if the drink was 80% tapioca balls, I would be the happiest Asian on the block.

Anyway, I brewed some jasmine green tea, and chilled it.  I boiled some water and threw in the tapioca balls (which weren’t big enough which I didn’t figure out until I cooked them).

The tapioca took forever to cook, a lot of them stuck together and 30 minutes later, some of them were still undercooked. I  need to refine my technique here obviously.

The simple syrup was really easy – 1/2 part of white sugar, 1/2 part of brown sugar to 1 part water. Since I didn’t need too much, I did a 1/4 cup of each sugar to 1/2 cup of water. I stirred the syrup on medium high heat, and when the mixture started bowling, I took it immediately off the stove.

I excitedly put it all together and took my first sip with my big straw that I had been saving for just this occasion.  I have to say I was mildly impressed with myself.  Cindy, as my sister Diana said, it’s just tea with tapioca balls but still, I made it all by myself.  And it was good.

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Hello world!

My name is Cindy.  The hubs is named J.  The tiny, crazy person living in our house is our daughter we will refer to as Future Foodie (FF).  She is almost 18 months old and will be accompanying us on our food adventures in the Capital Region, NY and beyond.

We live in Clifton Park but love to explore the surrounding cities for good food: Albany, Troy, Schenectady, Saratoga Springs, etc.

We love to eat.  That pretty much describes us as a family.  We talk, eat, and think about food alot.  At least my husband and I do.  FF goes crazy for certain things and then flings other food items across the room in disgust.

We love living in the Capital Region, but there’s alot of mediocre food out here. So, in the 6 years we have lived here together, we have been excited and disappointed by our food experiences.

Our goal (which never really changes) is to find some damn delicious food in this area.

We will chronicle, review, and provide general discourses on what we’re eating.  We may even venture into other arenas…

It’s just about our bedtime (yes, we’re lame) but gosh darn it, we have full time jobs and an energizer bunny for a toddler.

Good night until next time…

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