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Star Fruit…

Is like a pretty, exotic apple.  Well that’s what is kind of tastes like at least, with a tropical zing to it.  I highly suggest trying one as I ate my first one in over 20 years.  Light, refreshing, and super pretty, what more could you ask for?

Here are the perfect instructions on how to cut a star fruit:



A for Effort, B for Taste

We went to Blue Spice in Colonie.  I had high hopes for this place.  We’ve heard raves about the place before it expanded and our friends that we dined with also had great meals there in the new space.  J was a little leery as he had gone when they reopened in the new space and was completely and utterly disappointed in his experience.  So we went with hope and apprehension.

The restaurant itself is beautiful and calming. I loved the huge pots, filled with water, and a beautiful plant.  I thought it was thoughtfully designed and laid out.  A big plus was the little waiting/children’s area – very cool!

We sat in the area to the right, where there are steps and basically this huge platform, with spaces cut out for the tables.  They were great for Future Foodie and fun to sit on.  Before I talk about the food, I want to mention the service because they were very attentive (almost too attentive) but you know what? I would rather have that than to be ignored.  We never lacked for water and our food came out right away.

So the food.  I ordered the Panang Curry, a red curry.  It was very good, nice and spicy, just the right amount of rice to mix into the sauce.  The vegetables were fresh and nicely cooked.  I thought overall it was a very good dish although towards the end of my eating, I kept getting stronger and stronger hints of fish sauce. The only odd thing was this deep fried piece of eggplant that was kind of soggy when it arrived and didn’t really add anything to the dish.

J ordered the Masaman curry, which is a yellow curry.  His was okay, there was a weird sweet flavor to it. He ate it but was underwhelmed.

We ordered the vegetarian Thai Fried Rice for Future Foodie (FF).  This was a big miss.  I really don’t like huge pieces of vegetables in fried rice, it kind of counteracts the whole idea of being to eat the fried rice as a whole.  Plus there were whole cooked cherry tomatoes in the fried rice, kind of odd and not really a vegetable I would throw in fried rice.  There was overwhelming taste of fish sauce in the fried rice.  FF didn’t really like it, but she did eat the baby carrots and broccoli.  So we would not order that again, if we were to return.

Those 3 dishes were about $41. Right now, based on our experience, I would rate Blue Spice third behind Bangkok Thai, first, and Sushi Thai Garden, second.  I’m not sure if the restaurant is just inconsistent or still trying to feel its way around the new place because even at 6 PM on a Saturday, it was not even close to full.  Hopefully, it will figure things out.

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