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J and I headed over to Morrette’s today for lunch.  We both had the day off and thought it would be nice to have a nice romantic date at Morrette’s Steak (I’m being completely facetious because while I enjoy eating there, the entire restaurant seems to be covered in grease).  We hadn’t been there in a while and I had a hankering for one of their steak sandwiches as I didn’t get my proper fill in Philly last week.

We both ordered steak sandwiches with American cheese, onions,  jalapenos, and a side of hot sauce.  We also ordered a large fries as our “vegetable” for the meal.  The waitress was really nice and efficient and our food came out in no time.  They are very generous with the portions, and the sandwiches were literally overflowing with the chopped up steak.  We poured on the hot sauce and chowed down.  Overall, the sandwiches are good, just not amazing.  I think the meat could be more flavorful and there really wasn’t enough melted cheese.  We still enjoyed eating the sandwiches though and definitely cleared our plates.  The fries are handcut and crispy but again, to me, were lacking in flavor.

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Desperately in search of a good cannoli…

My family lives on Long Island, so I get to enjoy delicious pizza, real bagels, and other tasty delights whenever we go and visit.  Unfortunately I developed an addiction the last time we were down there.  My brother, very sweetly, brought home some desserts from the Alpine Bakery in Smithtown, NY.  These desserts included some very innocuous looking cannoli.  I actually ignored those cannoli for a while, who needs a cannoli when you can eat amazingly soft and delicious rainbow cookies???

But I was silly and it was a mistake I will never make again because once I took a bite of that cannoli, my world changed.  I’m not really a dessert person but MAN, these cannoli were good.  They had chocolate chips in the cannoli filling and the filling was probably 50% crack, it was so good. It had a sharpness to it and some lemony flavor and it was just yummmm, there just wasn’t enough to satiate my sudden addiction.

Which brings me to today.  My husband thoughtfully brought some cannoli home from Villa Italia in Schenectady, NY.  Let me just say this, Villa Italia makes a damn good cake, but they got nothing on those cannoli I had on Long Island.

My search continues…

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Hello world!

My name is Cindy.  The hubs is named J.  The tiny, crazy person living in our house is our daughter we will refer to as Future Foodie (FF).  She is almost 18 months old and will be accompanying us on our food adventures in the Capital Region, NY and beyond.

We live in Clifton Park but love to explore the surrounding cities for good food: Albany, Troy, Schenectady, Saratoga Springs, etc.

We love to eat.  That pretty much describes us as a family.  We talk, eat, and think about food alot.  At least my husband and I do.  FF goes crazy for certain things and then flings other food items across the room in disgust.

We love living in the Capital Region, but there’s alot of mediocre food out here. So, in the 6 years we have lived here together, we have been excited and disappointed by our food experiences.

Our goal (which never really changes) is to find some damn delicious food in this area.

We will chronicle, review, and provide general discourses on what we’re eating.  We may even venture into other arenas…

It’s just about our bedtime (yes, we’re lame) but gosh darn it, we have full time jobs and an energizer bunny for a toddler.

Good night until next time…

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