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My love affair…

My love affair with Chipotle began about 6 years ago when J had an internship with a company out in San Diego.  I visited him quite a few times and and was introduced to Chipotle there.  I marveled at the fresh taste of all the food; the light, crisp taco shells.  The flavorful meats.  But I was sad too because I knew that we had nothing even close to Chipotle in the Capital Region.  J and I even wanted to start a franchise out here, we were that into it.  So over the past 6 years, until Chipotle arrived in Wilton, I tried to eat it whenever I was near one, in D.C., NYC, anywhere I could my hands on it. And then Hallelujah! Chipotle finally came to Wilton and I am proud to say as of tonight, that I have eaten at every Chipotle in the Capital Region.

Our friends invited us to the soft opening of the new Chipotle in Stuyvesant Plaza in Albany.  Of course, we headed right down there after work, Future Foodie in tow.

The decor is a bit more funky than other Chipotle I’ve been in and it was really cool.  The restaurant was getting busier and busier and there must have been at least 6 people behind the counter, smiling, and ready to take my order.

I got carnitas tacos (hard shell) for myself, with pinto beans, mild and hot salsa, cheese, and lettuce.  We got Future Foodie, the kid’s small cheese quesadilla with the cilantro rice and pinto beans. J got the biggest burrito I have ever laid eyes on and it was filled with carnitas, pinto beans, rice, mild and hot salsa, sour cream, cheese, and guacamole.

Everything was really good, like really tasty.  The tacos were really crisp and fresh and the meat was perfectly flavored. I always like to squeeze some fresh lime or lemon juice in to give it an extra tang. What I really like about their tacos or burritos is that all of the ingredients really hold their own, it doesn’t just taste like one big mushy mess like a lot of subpar Mexican food does.  The lettuce stays crisp, the tomatoes are firm, and the meat is tender.  Future Foodie gobbled her cheese quesadilla down. As always, by the time I was on to my second taco (you get three), J was already done with his 2,000 calorie burrito.

I just had to take a momentary pause because a freaky looking bug landed right next to me and J valiantly squooshed it after I screamed a few times.

I’ll always, always pick Chipotle over Moe’s (which is a teeny step above Taco Bell in my opinion).  I love Chipotle use of natural, free range meat and locally sourced food.  Okay, I’m done gushing with adoration.

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Dining at the Senior Hour

The Foodie family plus my sister descended on New World Bistro and Bar in Albany, NY tonight.  My sister had a hankering for their amazing adobe chicken wings and their even more amazing Bloody Mary.

We arrived promptly at 5 PM with the Senior crowd.  FF (my 18 month old daughter) has a 7:30 PM bedtime so we eat dinner as humanly as possible.

The hostesses were lovely and friendly.  Actually before I get into anything else, the service at this restaurant is fantastic, everyone was very attentive, helpful, followed through on our requests, and went the extra mile to find crayons for my daughter so that she could then fling them willy nilly around the restaurant.

Five minutes after we sat down, our table looked like this…

Here in descending order of tastiness is what we ordered (1 being the best, 10 being okay):

1.  Adobe Chicken – crispy, full of flavor, and just delicious.

2. Bloody Mary – perfect balanced blend of horseradish, spice, and a subtle flavor of vodka.

3. Tuna Tartare – we have had this dish each of the three times we have been to this restaurant.  It’s delicious with the light flavor, soft texture of the tuna, mixed with the crispness of the chip, mixed with the kimchi aioli was mouth-watering.  However, the portion was noticeably smaller this time.

4.  Watermelon Salad with house made queso fresco – This was so light and refreshing, and the watermelon was a surprising but interesting addition.  I couldn’t get enough of this but J and my sister were not as impressed.  I would order this dish over and over again.

5.  New World Burger (cheddar/jalapeno) – Unfortunately because I ordered this medium well, I kind of shot myself in the foot as I didn’t enjoy the burger as much as I did before.  But either way, the New World burger is a delicious burger, the bun is nice and soft and the fries are pretty good.

6.  Sweetbreads with baba ganouche – My sister and I did not try this as I don’t venture into organ meats.  According to my husband, the sweetbreads were not creamy and slightly overcooked.  The baba ganouche was good.  However, the caper berries were a nice touch and added a different flavor to the dish.

7.  Salmon ceviche – J did not like this at all.  It was swimming in sesame oil, and it killed the rest of the flavors in the dish.

8.  New World Pizza (Pizza was with tomato sauce, Romano, and mozzarella cheese) – This pizza was completely disappointing.  The sauce was missing and uninspiring with no taste because the Romano cheese overpowered everything.

Overall, after eating at New World three times now, the appetizers are the items that shine on the menu and I will keep on recommending their burgers.  Our bill for all of that food plus a beer for J was $93 plus tip.

The meal and the food was enjoyable, but our nearly 18 month old daughter cannot sit in the same spot for more than 2 minutes.  So when I say that we ate “together”, each of the three adults took turns entertaining and/or corralling her to keep the other diners safe from her destructive path.

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Hello world!

My name is Cindy.  The hubs is named J.  The tiny, crazy person living in our house is our daughter we will refer to as Future Foodie (FF).  She is almost 18 months old and will be accompanying us on our food adventures in the Capital Region, NY and beyond.

We live in Clifton Park but love to explore the surrounding cities for good food: Albany, Troy, Schenectady, Saratoga Springs, etc.

We love to eat.  That pretty much describes us as a family.  We talk, eat, and think about food alot.  At least my husband and I do.  FF goes crazy for certain things and then flings other food items across the room in disgust.

We love living in the Capital Region, but there’s alot of mediocre food out here. So, in the 6 years we have lived here together, we have been excited and disappointed by our food experiences.

Our goal (which never really changes) is to find some damn delicious food in this area.

We will chronicle, review, and provide general discourses on what we’re eating.  We may even venture into other arenas…

It’s just about our bedtime (yes, we’re lame) but gosh darn it, we have full time jobs and an energizer bunny for a toddler.

Good night until next time…

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