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A bounty of food

This weekend we were in Syracuse visiting J’s family.  J’s Mom and Dad are foodies who don’t know that their foodies.  I have been introduced to so many different foods, fruits, and vegetables over the past several years and have loved experiencing all of it.   There’s always fresh fruit and fresh, raw vegetables, a tray of really smelly cheeses and some delicious dish that J’s mom cooked up just for us.

So J’s parents are really into the Syracuse Farmers’ Market across from the Carousel Mall.  J’s Dad likes to get up at the butt crack of dawn and hit the market early.  This past Saturday was the first time I had ever gone and whoa! it blew me away.

It was huge! There’s a map to the place, it’s so big:

J’s father gets A LOT of stuff, so hethis is his constant companion on his visits to the market:

There were literally rows and rows of beautiful looking fruits and vegetables.  Some of the spaces are enclosed or covered with a roof, and some of the stands were in rows out in the open.  The quantity was amazing as were the prices, which were quite low compared to our local farmer markets.

There was also fresh seafood!

There were some gorgeous looking flowers and some tempting bread:

There were also random things like DVD copies of movies and costume jewelry.  It was a very cool place. Future Foodie was loving all of the different things to check out, she was eating a plum tomato like an apple and indulging in all of the free samples of apples and concord grapes.

We ended up buying some heirloom cherry tomatoes, which are so firm and sweet:

And these really good, mild but full of flavor cheese curds (plain and buffalo style). SO GOOD.

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Food Flinging

So we’re trying to teach Future Foodie NOT to throw food on the floor and to pick up after herself.  And the other night she was sitting on my lap eating cauliflower.  She decided she didn’t want to eat anymore so she tossed them onto the floor. I picked her up and placed her on the floor and told her that “we don’t throw food in the house and you need to pick up your food.”

Immediately, the tantrum starts. Loud wailing, tears, throwing herself onto my lap, yelling “Mama, Mama”.  I mean, the drama of it all.   I tell her, amidst all the noise, that she wouldn’t be picked up until she picked up the food she threw on the floor.  So she walks over to the cauliflower, crouches down right next to the food, and then, from the sheer horribleness of having to pick up the food, starts sobbing again.  I mean, it was like I was making her pick up poisonous snakes.  FINALLY, she picks up each piece of cauliflower, crying the whole time.

That is my dear little drama queen.  But hey on the bright side, she was eating cauliflower!

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