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A good friend of mine lives in Denver; he and his fiance love good food just as much as J and I.  They brought us to Domo, a country-style Japanese restaurant.  It was in an incongruous location, kind of near some train tracks.  But then you step inside, and you’re in a traditional Japanese country setting, with dark wood everywhere.  We sat out in the beautiful garden.

The menu is complex, with lots of different types of dishes. Whatever you order, you also get a series of small side dishes that the whole table shares.  I don’t know what all of them were, but there were meatballs (nice and tender but didn’t seem very Japanese to me), a beef stew type dish, Eggplant with tofu (delicious), spicy chicken (not very spicy), two different types of vegetables, and noodles lightly dressed with soy (bland).  All of the side dishes were pretty good.

We also ordered gyoza (pork and chicken dumplings) and the three of them shared shumai.  The gyoza had a wonderful flavor, and were nice and tender on the inside. I would have preferred them to be more crispy on the outside.  Apparently the shumai were the best shumai they have ever had; very tender shrimp and somehow the wrapping was incorporated in the filling and it was delicious and well-balanced.

J and my friend’s fiance both went with the Wanko Sushi, which was prepared differently than traditional sushi.  No rolls, instead, large pieces of fish or fish mixed with avocado or other ingredients.  Each type of Wanko Sushi is placed over a small bowl of rice.

I tasted the tuna mixed with avocado, and it was delicious.  They had this crispy rice things on top and the textures all worked together.  J said the raw tuna just melted in his mouth.  He loved every bit of it.

I ordered the spicy Udon noodles, with vegetables, an egg, a dollop of curry, and chicken dumplings.  The noodles were delicious, just al dente enough, nice and chewy.  The chicken dumplings were so good, so tasty and tender.

We ordered an egg Tojimono (basically a huge omelet in a soy broth)  dish for Future Foodie.  She was slurping the broth very happily and enjoying the egg mixed with brown rice.  My friend, T, ordered the Salmon curry.  It was a beautiful looking dish and he said it was delicious.

All in all, a completely delicious and different meal.  I would definitely go back.

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