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Friday Addiction: Toasted Ritz crackers with cream cheese and jelly

Yes you read that title right, toasted Ritz crackers with cream cheese and grape jelly.  It’s really, really good. It’s a relic from my childhood.  We had this wonderful neighbor/babysitter we called Grandma Rose and she really got me started on my lifelong love affair with Italian food.  She also made this delicious snack for my sister and I all the time.

Tonight I made it for Future Foodie and she is now officially a fan.

It’s super easy.  All you need are Ritz cracker, some plain cream cheese, and jelly of your choice (I prefer concord grape jelly).

Lay the crackers on a piece of foil, smear the cream cheese on each cracker, and add a dollop of jelly.  It should look like this:

Pop into a toaster oven on the toast setting for just a few minutes.  The goal is to get the cream cheese warm, the jelly to melt a little, and toast the cracker a bit.

Now eat one or more if you’re so inclined.  You will get a nice mouthful of buttery, slightly salty, a little tart, creamy, sweet goodness.

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