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Friday Addiction: Potato Chip and Peanut Wrap

Yes you read that title right – a potato chip and peanut wrap.  This is J’s guilty pleasure snack.  He loves to make these sandwiches, it really combines three of his favorite things to eat. He loves the creaminess of the peanut butter contrasted with the salty, crunch of the chips.  “A perfect delicacy” in J’s words.  He’s kind of a glutton for peanut butter, would probably eat a dirty sponge if it was dipped in peanut butter.  He and his family eat  Syrian flat bread (usually it’s from Cananda) with EVERYTHING! Really!  For example, I have seen: Syrian bread wrapped around breakfast sausage, spaghetti and meatballs, fresh vegetables; anything they can wrap that bread around, they will eat it that way.

So if you are feeling like you want to try a brand new sandwich, here’s what you need:

Bread of your choice

Peanut butter (J uses natural peanut butter from the Honest Weight Food Co-op to give it that patina of healthiness)

Ruffle potato chips (but really any potato chips would do)


Spread peanut butter on bread. Layer on the chips. Smoosh the two sides a tiny bit.  Enjoy.

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