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Hitting the Trifecta at the Track

Burgers, fries, and a damn good milkshake.  That’s my kind of Trifecta.

We finally made it up to the Shake Shack at the Track this weekend.  We had been meaning to try the Shake Shack in NYC and were so excited to have one practically at our front door!

The moment we entered into the track, we made a beeline to the Shake Shack.  It stood out like a beacon of deliciousness, it was definitely calling my name.  J and I both got a single burger, an order of fries, and one strawberry milkshake.  The place was busy!  Poor Blue Smoke (the restaurant next door, it was definitely looking ignored).  They cook everything to order so we salivated off to the side.

Once our order was called, we found a nice little spot on the grass where Future Foodie could sit comfortably. She’s not a huge fan of burgers yet (just wait!) so she happily indulged in the strawberry milkshake.  Which was so perfectly good – nice and creamy and a real strawberry flavor.

The cheeseburgers were juicy and tender, with fresh tomato slices and crisp lettuce on it.  The burgers come with the Shack sauce (a mayo/ketchupy type of sauce).  It was gone way too fast.  I almost ordered another one but I maintained some self-control.  The fries were good, hot and crispy but nothing fantastic.  They were crinkle cut which are my favorite kind of fries.  The Shake Shack burger is along the lines of a Five Guys burger but without the grease.  J and I both agree that the Shake Shack burger is in our top 5 burgers ever.  Yeah, that good.

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