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Recipe: Healthy Garbage Smoothies

So Future Foodie is like the weather lately with her eating habits.  One day, she LOVES broccoli. The next day, it’s like I’m making her eat dirt.  So…it’s been “fun” having our nightly family dinner together lately.  But it has forced me to be a little bit more creative in how I can get nutrients into that little body of hers.  So I started making smoothies and literally threw in anything nutritious into the mix to see if she would drink it.  Hallelujah! She downs them like it’s her job.

To make the smoothie, I start with a bullet. I throw in a whole banana, any other fruit we have in the house (apples, pears, grapes, frozen blackberries, cantaloupe, etc.), a tablespoon of ground up  (omega-3’s), a heaping tablespoon of our homemade yogurt, lots of soy milk, and some Cranberry juice. I also add in SPINACH! or BEETS! She doesn’t even notice, it is so awesome. Anyway, I blend it all up and say “Bon appetit” to Future Foodie.  It’s great.  But I’m sure, just like the weather, she will soon stop drinking even these.

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